With Heart

I used to call this "an affordable fashion blog", but since August 2011 it has become a guideline of mine that I shop with heart. For me that means instead of chasing every new trend and accumulating a lot of "fast fashion" or throw away items, I want to consider pieces that can transition from season to season and from year to year. As a by-product, that means that I want to promote a new way of thinking in the world of style blogging: affordability second only to product longevity and humane working conditions. When I do personal style posts, I plan to promote upcycling, repeat wearing (or "remixing"), DIY projects, vintage clothing and swapping more often. I hope to work with more retailers who offer a selection of made in the USA clothing, vintage, socially minded, and / or eco-friendly clothing. This means that instead of being an "affordable fashion style blog" I will start promoting a wardrobe that though still has a relatively low cost per wear but above all the garments were purchased or accepted with heart and thought. Any "investment piece" that I purchase should be of the highest quality and produced in a country with regulated, monitored, and fair working conditions or by a company with a published commitment to sustainability and / or human working conditions.

These guidelines are in place for not only the things I buy but also for the courtesy items I receive, the brands that I work with, and the giveaways that I do. I will encourage Adored Austin partners to carry more items that fall into these guidelines, publish where garments are manufactured (by noting "imported" or "made in the USA"), ask them to make it easier to find "Made in the USA" items, and to adopt a published set of socially responsible guidelines. In the reviews that I do, I will candidly say where the garment or product is made. I don't want to burn any bridges here, but instead I want to welcome and perhaps even help usher in change. Hundreds of Adored Austin readers have contacted me in support of my new guidelines. It seems a lot of us want this kind of change.

I'm not wholly against products made in China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Mexico, Vietnam, or Turkey [and etc] but I do want the retailers who I work with and the companies who I purchase from to be able to vouch for both the work environment of the places that produce their products as well as the quality of the goods they're selling. I'm not going to be perfect at this and I am not going to expect every company to be perfect at this, but I do want to make a wholehearted effort to try.

If you have any questions concerning my "I Shop With Heart" guidelines, please feel free to contact me.
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