About Adored Austin

Hi, I'm Indiana Adams. I'm a new mom and local actress based in Austin, Texas. I started Adored Austin in May of 2009 and have been incredibly blessed and humbled to see my personal style blog amass the readership and accolades it has.

I don't consider myself to be a fashion icon or a style expert. I'm a mom and former local actress who loves to shop and sew. Cute clothes and accessories make my heart pitter-patter, and I have a big time weakness for animal jewelry, quirky prints, and sequins. My favorite room in my house is my modest closet.

I started Adored Austin because I love blogging, shopping, and being funny. My blog is as much about me and my family as it is about Austin and my clothes.

I've found that my readers are a lot like me: we like to be online, we like good deals, and cute things make us smile.

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