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Friday, April 18, 2014

My shoes don't fit. Again.

This makes me have the sads because here is a snapshot of all the shoes I've acquired during this pregnancy that I now fear I may never be able to wear:
[L-R: Nine West wedges via Style Encore // Tallulah lace booties // Doc Martens via PlanetShoes.com // TOMS x3 via Zulily // Buyamba sandals]
Aren't they wonderful?

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you may remember that when I had Jude, my feet grew half a size and I had to start from scratch in terms of shoes. I was bummed because I had some pretty great shoes, and I didn't know that feet growing permanently due to pregnancy was a thing. For the next two years, I thoughtfully rebuilt my entire shoe collection, going from a respectable size nine to a harder to find 9.5. Then I got pregnant again. And surprise, surprise... my feet grew nearly half a size again. Thankfully, since 9.5 was so hard to come by, most of the shoes I had acquired in the first Post-Pregnancy Shoe (Re)Collection Project of 2010-2012 were a size 10. But then I got pregnant again. And, lo and behold, my feet are now closer to a 10.5 (which, as you larger footed ladies know, most manufacturers don't make half sizes after size 9). As you can imagine, I do not want to start my shoe collection over again, let alone with size 11's!

I gained more than 50 pounds this pregnancy on top of the extra 10 pounds I had yet to lose from carrying Caroline, so I am just bigger everywhere, including my feet and hands (side note: my wedding rings have been in the safe for more than two years now as I'm unable to get them over my knuckle, and I already had them resized once). All this to say that I am more determined than ever to get in shape... not so my pants or rings will fit again, but rather so all my wonderful shoes will fit!

I am especially bummed because I have been wanting a pair of floral Doc Martens since middle school, and now I am the proud owner of these beauties:
My Facebook friends helped me pick these out, and I only tried them on once before my feet swelled up in my third trimester.

I first fell in love with Doc Martens because Kendra, this impossibly cool girl a couple grades ahead of me in junior high, had multiple pairs of Doc Martens, including a rad floral pair that I've been thinking about for, literally, 20 years now. And my love for them only intensified after pretty much wanting to be Rayanne Graff (without the, you know, substance abuse problems), Jane Lane, and Six who could each wear the heck out of a pair of Docs. Ah, nineties nostalgia!

And now, thanks to Planet Shoes, who I am madly in love with, my floral Doc Martens dreams have come true. Well... almost. I finally own my dream boots but (nightmare!) I can't get my fat feet into them. I've been dying to do an outfit post featuring these boots forever, but I guess for the time being y'all can use your imagination.

1. Dr. Martens 1460 floral canvas // 2. Cuyana leather tote // 3. Moorea Seal Heisenberg Hat // 4. Noonday Collection Golden Leaves Bib // 5. James Perse Kimono Dress // 6. Free People Trapeze Slip

I don't know if this outfit would be junior high Kendra approved, but I think Six would be down. Now if only I could get my shoe size down...

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SXSW 2014 mini recap

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I got so wrapped up in all the new baby stuff (*yawn*) that I forgot to humble brag about these two SXSW run-ins:
Grumpy Cat roused from her nap to give me an epic side eye at the Mashable House. Speaking of the Mashable House, that is also where I swung from a wrecking ball at 38 weeks pregnant. I could not resist! Can I just say that I'm just really glad I didn't wreck the wrecking ball?

But even more exciting than swinging from a wrecking ball and getting glared at by Grumpy Cat? MINDY KALING, y'all!
I don't usually collect autographs, but I have been a fan of Mindy Kaling's since I read her play Matt & Ben in 2004 (theatre nerd alert!). Of course I loved her on The Office (both as a writer and as Kelly Kapoor), and The Mindy Project is my favorite comedy on tv right now. We even pitched Mindy to speak at TxSC last year, but alas, she wasn't available.

Needless to say, when SXSW announced that Mindy Kaling and two of her co-stars from The Mindy Project would be doing a talk, I was thrilled! I didn't take a lot of notes since I was too busy laughing, but here's what I did get (click here to see the full size version):
You can see a better summary of the talk (by a real journalist) here, which includes the now infamous diversity burn. If that sounds bor-ing, here's a great website where you can track down what Dr. Lahiri is wearing on the show (FUN!) because she's hands down the best dressed woman on television (yeah, I said it, New Girl Jess).

While sitting in the SXSW talk, the kind soul next to me asked if I had noticed that a Mindy meet and greet had popped up on the schedule the night before. Noooooooo! I quickly rearranged my schedule and stood in the longer than Disney World line to meet her. I swear, there were at least 300 people in line and I had to be 200th back. They were just getting ready to cut the line literally two people in front of me, when I opened my eyes real big and wide and pathetic-like and clutched my giant stomach and silently pleaded with the SXSW security guy. He took pity on me and cut the line a person after me. Ain't no shame in using the combination of pregnancy and pathetic-ness to get what you want once in a while, right? (Also, I owe Baby Lucy a big prenatal thank you!).

Thus my face... I smiled so hard my eyes and mouth got stuck like this for a week (and here's a blurry photo, too!):
Mindy: Are you thinking about naming your baby Mindy?
Me: [boldface lie] Uh, yeah!
Mindy: Oh, don't. There are so many much more beautiful names out there.

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First outing post Lucy

Friday, April 4, 2014

I did it, y'all! I "got dressed" and left my house for the first time since having Lucy last Monday. I wasn't quite ready to leave the house with all three kids by my lonesome, but while Lucy was napping and Caroline was being fed lunch by my mom, I did make a quick jaunt to Macy's for Clinique Bonus Time and then I picked Jude up from school.
Despite my smug face in the photos (please ignore!), I have to use "got dressed" in quotes because I didn't actually get dressed. I simply pulled a skirt on over the maternity tank and shorts that I had slept in, and I festooned it all with a stretchy belt in a (failed) attempt to make it look like I had a waistline.
date: 4 April 2014 (11 days postpartum) // occasion: errands 
skirt (as "dress"): thrifted // belt: thrifted // tank: Old Navy (maternity) // shoes: c/o Loly in the Sky

I got these shoes (and this pair, too) waaaay back in April (see also 1, 2). The team at Loly in the Sky introduced me to their handmade in Mexico / Austin based brand and were kind of enough to send me two pairs while I was in Indiana taking care of my ailing grandmother last spring. Since then I have worn the snuff out of them, and they remain the number one most complimented shoes in my entire footwear arsenal. My outfit may have been a miss, but my shoes? A+!
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TOMS fangirl here

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Do you have a brand that you're crazy loyal to? A brand that someone would for sure label you a "fangirl" of? I'm fairly certain that could be said about me and TOMS.

It all started in 2007, when Blake Mycoskie came and spoke to a small church community I was a part of at the time. TOMS was barely a year old and other than the TOMS account exec that went to our church, none of us had heard of them before. But after Blake's presentation, I was goner. The vision he had for his fledgeling company combined with his heart for giving, made it clear that he was on to something huge. I bought my first pair of TOMS the very next day, and now seven years later (and ten pairs of TOMS later!), my love for the brand is still going strong.

Recently, TOMS teamed up with Jonathan Adler to product a funky line of shoes that I'm nearly salivating over. I am just about to pull the trigger on the top right pair of sandals. My size is out of stock online, but as soon as I've been given the all clear to take Baby Lucy out and about, she and I may head to Nordstrom so that I can see them in person and try them on.

Unlike before, I don't think my feet grew a half size this pregnancy, so to celebrate I had planned to treat myself to a pair of the TOMS platform wedges. I had them in my online cart and then all of a sudden-- wh-wh-wh-what?! It was like a trip to the grocery store. I just went in for ONE THING...

I just got three pairs of TOMS using some Zulily credit last month, so I don't think I can justify FIVE more pairs... or can I?

Anyway, like I said, huge TOMS fan here. I haven't yet made it to the new Austin TOMS Roasting Company store front, but I endeavor to go there as soon as I can. Who's down to join me on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon sometime (i.e. when Jude is at Mother's Day Out)?

Wait! Did you know that TOMS was making coffee now? It's true! Blake delivered one of the featured talks at SXSW and announced it there. For every bag of coffee purchased, a week of clean water is provided for a person in need [more info here]. The coffee is available on TOMS.com and at Whole Foods stores nationwide, in addition to being served at the cafe in Austin. I ordered the Peru Roast from online and plan to make myself some iced coffee with it here soon! It smells divine, and Chris really enjoyed it hot, too.

If you're at all interested, here are my sketchnotes from the TOMS talk at SXSW (click on the image to see it full size). Blake talked about seven choices that shaped the TOMS brand and announced (#7) the TOMS Roasting Company:
If I haven't convinced you to try TOMS by now, for a limited time, TOMS is doing a $20 off promo. If you sign up using my link, I'll get a credit, too. And trust me, it'll be way easier for me to justify me buying more new TOMS to Chris this way. Well, probably. Maybe. Let's try it and see...

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Before we were five

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A couple weeks before Baby Lucy made her worldly debut, my incredibly talented friend Amy, of the newly launched Pinwheel Portrait, came and shot a "Good Morning" session of our family.

I am just over the moon for these photos. Amy simply asked us to go about our Saturday morning as usual as she quietly snapped away. I much prefer these documentary-style photo sessions versus highly stylized portrait sessions. So often photographers will ask to set up a session of family hanging out on a sofa in a field in the middle of no where. Ten years later would I wonder what the heck we were doing in a rando field on an antique couch? While that's pretty and all, it just doesn't capture the little things about home life that I want to remember years from now, like Caroline's chubby hands clutching her cat cup or the way Jude's fine baby hairs stick up all over the place in the mornings.

I can't stress enough how important I think it is to invest in good family photos. When my grandma passed away last winter I found myself wishing we had gotten more photos taken. I can't recommend Amy (and Nathan!) enough, and I will always treasure these photos as she did such a great job documenting our family just as we are.

Check out our full session on the Pinwheel Portrait blog here.

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